Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here's the kicker...

This ladies and gentlemen is the type of mentality infecting our world...a thought process imbued with laziness and malignant entitlement:

...I wonder if there's an IHOP where he lives...

Friday, March 02, 2012

Insanity! Why yes it is...

I may be back soon. Apologies to all of you (or the three individuals) that still check this blog from time to time. I took some time off as I took a position that required me to be politically 'neutral' (I think the term is more correctly 'politically neutered').

However, I'm back and while I debate how to restore this site to it's previous (glory?) state. Let's ponder on something...are you prepared for what is coming to this country? Seriously, look at what Obama has done to this nation - are you ready for when the wheels come completely off? I'm considering a change - not just 2nd Amendment issues, but good information on how to prepare for the coming financial tsunami. (Thoughts on this? - or have you had your fill of survival/prep news?)

Granted, when I ran this site, our nation wasn't quite in the morass of woe that it currently finds itself in - so get ready site is may be about to come back. Twice as sarcastic, three times as spiteful, and 100% more insane than before. Firebrand? Why yes...I am.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Explaining the 2nd Amendment to a liberal...

1st Amendment: Protects people from the government
2nd Amendment: Protects government from the people (huh?!?)
3rd Amendment: Protects people from the government
4th Amendment: Protects people from the government
5th Amendment: Protects people from the government
6th Amendment: Protects people from the government
7th Amendment: Protects people from the government
8th Amendment: Protects people from the government
9th Amendment: Protects people from the government
10th Amendment: Protects people from the government

Can a liberals find the one that isn't like the other, and explain? They get an extra point if they can do so without using the words "gun nut," "neocon," or "redneck."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Even among geeks the fire still burns...?

Once in a while I read Slashdot, a site dedicated to the IT and technology world. Imagine my surprise when I read an article in this otherwise left-leaning techno-geek online magazine in which so many stood up for the second amendment. The article itself is about government surveillance - but it was extremely interesting how so many are opposed to government actions. Read the whole thing for some interesting information...warning - there's alot there.

*By the way - I do consider myself somewhat of a geek in terms of facination with new technology.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hillary Clinton and Satanism...?

Conspiracies always crop up around election time, but I've found a VERY troubling one. One of the kind readers (of the 4 that read this site) sent me the following information:

HILLARY'S FLAG - A HIDDEN MESSAGE? (Scroll down to the article)

Look at the photo...looks altered right? I agree.

Then I did some research. Go to Hillary's page, scroll to the bottom and view the images 1,3, and 4 (keep in mind that these are authorized by her campaign on her campaign site).

Only three possibilities remain: 1. She really is evil (but we already knew that), 2. Someone on her campaign is trying to screw her over, or 3. She and her campaign are not very observant - in which case she has no business as the "Commander in Chief".

Just my 2 cents...

Also mentioned here...this site actually explains it better than I.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Good for me...not for thee...

First a little background, at one point I lived in the Orange County, CA area and actually found it to be one of the better areas of California - so imagine my surprise when I found this article in the OC register (the online version of the local paper).

Now mull that over for a minute.

"According to the second amendment everyone is allowed to carry a gun."

So far so good...

"Gun owners think people have the rights to own guns because guns do not kill people, people kill people. If there is a murderer and they kill someone with a gun, they choose to use the gun. The gun did not choose to use itself and kill the person. As you can see, many people believe in right to have a gun for various reasons."

Ok...I agree with some of that...LOGICAL people KNOW that guns are only a tool. They have no sentience hence it's the person that kills.

"Many children are killed by guns. For example, there are almost 8 people (19 and under) who are killed every three hours by a gun. In one day, 45 kids were wounded by a gun. Deaths happen every day by different causes. In the U.S, the second-leading cause of accidental death is firearms (after motor vehicle accidents)."

So why don't we ban cars first since guns are the second cause of "accidental death"? Err...guess that just shot your logic all to hell didn't it...sorry about that. The CDC has an interesting take on what kills people - Guns are WAY down on the list. Plus this poor child has been duped into repeating garbage from the fraudulent Kellerman study. The Kellerman study has been debunked many
many (this one is good)
many times.

"Gun supporter's think safety locks are a burden. Although looking at a gun there seems to be no burden. If someone were to break into your home, you would grab the gun and it would take less than 1 second to unlock the safety lock! In the U.S, the rate of firearm death is 12 times higher than in 25 other countries combined. It is easy to see why I believe that the second amendment should be changed."

Obviously this child has never used a gun - or tried vainly to open a safe or lock when you are scared out of your mind and the criminal is coming at you fast. On that last part: (In the US) the rate of firearm death is 12 times higher than in 25 other countries combined is just political nonsense since there is no reference to WHAT countries they are referring to. Not only that but many countries don't track crime accurately. Look at England where they cant decide on the "definition of what constitutes a crime" and have changed their counting rules on how to measure crime so such references are woefully inaccurate and unacceptable (see the above linked doc file). I'm sure that England isn't the only country with problems measuring crime, and if you'd like I'll PROVE that most countries don't accurately measure crime in a future blog entry.

"Many people believe that gun rules should not change, but I do. I believe that everyone does not have the right to a gun, and if they do have the right, laws should change so there is more protection."

Really? What would give you that idea? Oh wait...the answer is at the top of the article:

"Here are the winning essays, submitted by teacher Janelle Caldwell."

Janelle, let me ask you - with you reinforcing these socialist ideas into the tender (and malleable) minds of the children what do you hope to gain? I believe in Karma (what comes around goes around) and I really, REALLY hope that you never have to experience the fear that comes from being threatened by an armed criminal - someone that doesn't care if you die as long as they get what THEY WANT. However Janelle you got what you want didn't you? Another mindless drone that subscribes to your ideology and is unwilling to think on their own.

Janelle, you must be so proud of your class filled with (apparently) useful idiots.

At the bottom of the article:

From the editor: Many of you have expressed concerns about some of the harsh anonymous comments from readers (translation: those posting shot down all the liberal BS in the above article and we banned them). To remedy that, we are introducing new features. You can create your own blog, publish your news and share your photos with the community. Once you fill out a simple form and leave a verifiable e-mail address (so we can sue you for harassment), you can set up your profile page. It will display all of your contributions and allow you to track issues and easily connect with others (unless we don't agree with your ideas).

We want our site to be a place where people discuss and debate ideas that foster stronger communities. We built this for you (well at least those of you who agree with our leftist ideas). Please take care of it. Tolerate broad (socialist/"progressive"/deviant) thinking, but take action against obscene or hateful material (anything that scares us or makes us wet our pants - like the 2nd Amendment). Make it a credible (because we obviously aren't) and safe place (without those icky guns - so we can bend over and assume the position) worth preserving and sharing (with the next generation of useful idiots).

Yeah, I know...the above edits and ad hominem attacks are mine - what of it? Am I wrong? If you felt that I was, you would have stopped reading my blog long before you got to this point.

Sometimes I don't think McCarthyism went far enough, as it appears we needed another decade of two to root the socialists out. Would that however have tipped the scales too far in the other direction? That is a discussion for another day...

Well, there goes my rant for the day - now time for me to get some sleep.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Evil is good...good is evil

Well...they aren't even trying to hide now!

"Today's anti-government groups have their origins in the shock and outrage among a number of groups to include gun rights groups, tax protestors, and white supremacists over the government actions with the Branch Davidian religious cult at Waco and and white supremacist Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge along with recent laws that limited gun ownership".

Guess we're the enemy now.

Wait, does that mean we can defend ourselves?


Second link to a more thorough article found HERE - Read it and weep.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

You can't get the genie back in the bottle...

You know the adage "if you don't like what's on TV, change the channel"?

Looks like the government has decided that it will simply ban whatever it likes, they've already eviscerated (some could say neutered) the 2nd Amendment, why not simply ban the 1st?

You see, Big Brother wants to know everything, and they intend to not let anything "slip under the radar" so to speak. So they will monitor EVERYTHING and punish those with opposing viewpoints to the BIG GOVERNMENT rule.

Check out these "fun" excepts under section 899B (the vagueness ensures that they can use such law against the people at their whim):

(3) The Internet has aided in facilitating violent radicalization, ideologically based violence, and the homegrown terrorism process in the United States by providing access to broad and constant streams of terrorist-related propaganda to United States citizens.

(4) While the United States must continue its vigilant efforts to combat international terrorism, it must also strengthen efforts to combat the threat posed by homegrown terrorists based and operating within the United States.

Who, pray tell are those "homegrown" terrorists? Why, Each of us in whom the fire of freedom burns in our breast, each of us that want a better future, more freedom for our children, each of us that will not, cannot accept the coming police state. The government fears us - they know that they will eventually push us too far. So they needs to monitor us, track us, and watch us - yes even keep us in check with bans on certain information, and certain "unapproved" weapons.

So those in power use a fearsome enemy and their threats of violence, tell us why we should fear this enemy and if we question/criticize the government on their steps in protecting us - we are not patriotic. Yet they do not seal our borders which is the best way to keep this fearsome enemy out. So we do the job THEY (the government) should be doing with our citizen border search groups, and yet they do not listen - nor do they wish to. They would rather muzzle us not unlike a dog.

Thankfully, I can still speak my mind on the current government issue - oh wait...I can't.

"Our Country won't go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won't be any America because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race!"-Lt. Gen. Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller, USMC

Monday, November 26, 2007

Scary thoughts (for a liberal at least)...

"No Free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."
-Thomas Jefferson, Proposal Virginia Constitution, 1 T.Jefferson Papers, 334,[C.J.Boyd, Ed., 1950]

"Americans have the right and advantage of being armed -unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms."
-James Madison, The Federalist Papers #46 at 243-244

"Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust lawsby the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to anybands of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States"
-Noah Webster in 'An Examination into the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution', 1787

"The Constitution shall never be prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms"
-Samuel Adams, Debates and Proceedings in the Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 86-87

"To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms, and be taught alike especially when young, how to use them."
-Richard Henry Lee, 1788, Initiator of the Declaration of Independence, and member of the first Senate, which passed the Bill of Rights, Walter Bennett, ed.,Letters from the Federal Farmer to the Republican (Univ. of Alabama Press,1975)

"The great object is that every man be armed" and "everyone who is able may have a gun."
-Patrick Henry, in the Virginia Convention on the ratification of the Constitution. Debates and other Proceedings of the Convention of Virginia,...taken in shorthand by David Robertson of Petersburg, at 271, 275 2ded. Richmond, 1805. Also 3 Elliot, Debates at 386


Yet politicians find it difficult to discern what the Second Amendment means...? They want to state what it means to THEM, and in this they are beginning to seem like the bickering masses during the creation of the Nicean Creed.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Scary movies aren't scary...the future is...

I've been seeing some very well thought out/written blog material from those trying to wake the people up. Sadly, this fantasic material will never see the light of day on CNN, FoxNews etc.

I again urge you to read the posting found on Armed and Christian (see below) and a new one that was just sent to me:

John Galt

Some of his writings may seem very alarmist - but I strongly believe very...VERY probable.

A great...and thought provoking post...

A very poignant and frankly scary post on the nature of our freedoms has been posted over at Armed and Christian - I urge everyone to read it...Now!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ancient weapon control

Humor and truth from Hagar the Horrible

...or for modern fare - check out this hilarious skit on gun control

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Illegal X 2 = ? if it weren't enough that illegal immigrants accounted for 1 out of 5 inmates in our wonderful penal system and accounting for a hefty amount of crime - looks like the government caught one and charged him for having a gun. Now I don't know what those of you may think - but if a person is here illegally (crime) and has a gun (which he has no rights under the Constitution - due to his status) - what should we do? Launching the offender back into their native country by catapult comes to mind...

Granted the "Brady Bunch" (*cough...of idiots...cough*) will likely use this to push their socialist agenda, but not fix the underlying issue - illegal immigration! It still amazes me that our government will not listen to the people and seal the border.

Part of the reason for this rant of mine is that a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless), had his house recently broken into by not one or two - but a whole group of hispanic illegal immigrants. Luckily (for the illegals) he was not there when they broke in. The first place they hit - the gun safe! They pried it open after almost an hours work (yes, Virginia a gun safe only slows down a determined criminal/s) and removed all the guns and then ransacked the house for valuables.

Luckily for my friend, the illegals were were "detained" when they hopped the fence behind his house and into the waiting jaws of the neighbor's pair of AKC Rottweilers. When the police arrived the illegals informed them that the guns were so they could "get a job". What time of job I wonder?

The moral of the story is that this lax attitude towards law and order by our very government is increasing crime. As this crime increases we as patriots, the law abiding, and gun owners - will see increasing attacks because there are those who are "blind", immoral, and complicit in crimes against our Consitution wish us to become the Socialist dystopia (NOT utopia) they envision.

Sure I'm rambling, sure these are my ideas...but I'm mad as Hell...and you should be too.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The end...?

Between work and family, I have come to the conclusion that perhaps this blog needs to end. I've thought long and hard about this. I'm quite sure that I lack the writing talents of David Codrea (over at Waronguns), and the natural tenacity of many other writers and "doers" in the pro-gun culture. Please understand that I'm not giving up - I just cannot find the time to update this blog on a regular basis and feel that perhaps I'm doing a disservice to those who run far finer blogs than mine.

I thank you all for your patience, your thoughts - and would value your insight on this quandary of mine.


Update - Thank you to the two of you who responded. I'll have to mull over what I am going to do now. Part of the issue is the lack of readers on this site - but I'll let you know soon.

Thank you

Friday, September 07, 2007

And just when I began to lose faith in England...

A very wise Englishman writes this.

Really amazing (and heartening) that some in England feel this way.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Truth in advertising...?

Now, allow me to ask what is wrong with this picture? Just how did those cartridges hit her house...were they thrown?

Of course, the best yet response has been posted by the amazingly hilarious dissident frogman if you have not seen the movie at the listed link and his site yet, you must. One warning though...don't drink any liquids before visiting his site - it will come out your nose and that's not a good look for you.